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Ali Khan

Time:2018 02 01 Click:13284
This is a very reminiscent story, not only because I constantly remind myself of how I got here as a motivation as to how things could only get better but I serve as a success story for many people like me back in my country.

I got my degree in Biomedical Engineering way back in 2011. I was very young and still had dreams of studying medicine after I did not get in in my country due to very limited seats. I came to realise it was not going to be easy even after obtaining a first class in such a prestigious field of study. After this occurrence, it dawned on me that my future as medical laid somewhere beyond the shores of my country.

My family had already done a very good job of seeing me through tertiary education, and as was the norm, I was supposed to look for a job after that and do something great with my life, therefore, it them as a shock when I asked for another funding to help me study medicine abroad. I am lucky to have a very supportive family who decided to fund me throughout my five-year duration. However, there was only so much my parents could do, and I was to travel within a budget of 9,000 USD.

With this in mind, I decided to start research on what was going to prove to be a hard search for one of the cheapest yet best in quality as far as medical schools were concerned. I was also going to live on what I considered at that time a very minimal pocket money, thus, I had to put cost of living around the top of my list. However, I was put out of my almost impossible search when I met a doctor who had just passed his licensure examination and started working as a doctor back in my country as I went to see a professor of mine who worked at that same hospital. He was everything I wanted to become, so I immediately asked him how he got where he was. “Hebei North University,” he proudly stated.

What was even better? It was a very affordable medical university based in China with a very low cost of living in a contrastingly developed city of Zhangjiakou.

After all these years, I still feel very satisfied and proud of my decision of choosing this school, with its exceptional lecturers and facilities. I am very confident I am going to end up just like the doctor I met four years ago.
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