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MBBS Study In China For Bangladesh Students

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Admission for medical colleges in Bangladeshis increasingly becoming tougher year after year for most students in pursuit of reading MBBS in higher educational institutes after which with the aim of becoming medical doctors in the possible future. The frustration has become rampant these days for most students and their parents. This leads the pursuit to study abroad but one may ask where is the best place to study away from home? The answer to this question is China.

China has one of the oldest civilizations known to man also has some of the fore fathers in the field of modern medicine, why must you study in China?

Excellent and high quality education among top notchmedical universities in China, this is attested to with 2 of Chinese universities among the top forty universities in the world, whiles the best medical college in Bangladesh (Dhaka medical college) is ranked 14,067 in the top medical universities in the world. Chinese medical universities are approved and certified by WHO, UNESCO and CSC. This makes students eligible to partake in PLAB, USMLE, BMSDC board examination and other medical licensing exams worldwide.

Students do not need to worry about the need to learn Chinese language because theMBBS program is taught in English Languageby well-experienced professors.  MBBS course in China run through a period of 6 years compared to the 5 years study in Bangladesh, which is been proven to be a short period for medical studies. The first year of the curriculum is basically a preparatory course for the students. It entails the study of calculus, medical physics, organic chemistry and Chinese language to students to get around in China.

China medical universitiesare very popular among Nepalese, Pakistan, Indian and Sri Lankan students due to modern infrastructure facilities and well-illustrated textbooks both within the classrooms and hospitals. Each medical university is affiliated to at least 6 teaching and regional medical hospitals with each hospital having at least 700 beds for in patients.

Hostel facilities are provided on campus for students which are well furnished and equipped with modern atheistic to provide a calm and learning environment for students which leads to less cost getting to lecture halls and provides safety. Security is one of the top most priority of the Chinese government and this is one of the reasons China is the best place to study MBBS with low crime rates. Parents and guardians are assured of the safety of their children. Admission is 100% guaranteed for eligible students from Bangladesh to study MBBS in China.

To beeligible for the MBBS programeach student must be a science student and also have 60% average in all science subjects. Students are awarded a degree of MBBS, which is certified and trusted by the BMSDC, making the students eligible to participate in the BMSDC medical licensing exams.

China also has amazing tourist sites and two worlds for visit, making it a very conducive place for both studies and fun. Welcome to study MBBS in China.

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