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Introduction Of Mbbs In HBNU

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The MBBS program is conducted in a way to create a favorable and most conducive learning atmosphere with a total duration of six (6) years including internship. In Hebei North University, the MBBS program is not only conducted on an academic basis for immense benefits but we go a long way to promote rich cultural exchange and cooperation among medical universities around the globe. Hebei North University is one of the few if not the only institution, which places more emphasis on improving the teaching quality of the university. At present, they hold the highest number of foreign students with a total population of 1008 students from 60 different countries. The university provides a provisional degree to students who opt to do their internship in their own country.

Clinical medicine is a traditional and specialized academic area in HBNU among 76 academic areas of undergraduate and post-secondary specialized schooling. Laboratory medicine, medical information management, and information system were first set up among other universities in Hebei province, so was forensic medicine ranking the first in universities of Hebei province. The university has so far produced over 500 medical professionals in most countries in Africa, Asia etc. They are proud of the daily academic progress of all the students. Our annual package of academic scholarship throws our students into a competitive learning atmosphere.

INTRODUCTION OF MBBS IN HBNUThe MBBS program is also recognized and accredited by the World Health Organization (W.H.O) Pakistani Medical and Dental Council (PMDC), Ghana Medical and Dental Council (GMDC), Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) etc.
Last but not the least, what makes HBNU one of the best in the country is the fact that the teachers and professors here strive to make sure that the contents of their courses and programs are always up to date as medicine changes with time. This undoubtedly makes their continuing students more and more current and rightly informed of the daily changes in the medical field.

Listed below are some brief notes for you to view the skeleton of this major in HBNU:

1.Name of the Program: M.B.B.S. (Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery)
2.Duration of Course: 5 years + one year compulsory internship (Students are allowed to do Internship in their own country).
3.Medium of Instruction(Language in class): English
4.Session begins: September Every Year
5.Curriculum: International MBBS syllabus in accordance Medical Council of India, Nepal Medical Council, Bangladesh Medical Council, etc.
6.Faculties: HBNU professors are very experienced and some of them have already worked in renowned medical colleges in foreign countries and now ready to render their service to educate the art of medicine to the foreign students in our university.
7.Classroom: The classrooms are equipped with latest multimedia facilities.
8.Laboratory: A state-of-art laboratory equipped with all the medical instruments and hundreds of cadavers provide a rare environment for the students to learn and experiment.
9.Library: The library houses a good stock of textbooks and reference materials for medical sciences in English medium. The library provides excellent study atmosphere for students and faculty.
10.Hostel: Students are provided with appropriate facilities for daily life. There hostels are provided with high security arrangement. Students can choose to live in campus or out of campus. The house rent in Zhangjiakou is much cheaper than neighbouring cities. They will find dozens of reasonable choices near from the lecture halls.
11.Food: There are various canteens for the foreign students in the university premises, where wide variety of delicious food is served in nominal rates. There are also affordable Islamic restaurants around the university premises.
12.Other Facilities And Services: Within the University premises the students can access to 24 hours ATM banking facility, post office, supermarket and many other facilities.

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