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Diwali Celebrations In Hbnu

Time:2016 12 27 Click:5983
DIWALI CELEBRATIONS IN HBNUDiwali is a Hindu festival of light celebrated annually which spiritually signifies light prevailing over darkness, good over evil, knowledge ove  ignorance and hope over despair. It has a 5-day celebration period. 

This year fell on the 31st October and students of HBNU were not left out of the celebration as there are religious Hindu students on campus the

majority from India, Nepal and South Africa. Due to the medical college of HBNU having a really tight schedule the students could only celebrate

for two days.

The first day the head of the Hindu faithful’s made sure the students had a general cleaning of their hostel rooms as it was one of the traditions

after which Diya’s were lit to start the celebrations. Lots of sweets were shared amongst themselves and Puja(prayer)was made. The following

day was the much awaited Diwali feast and talent show which was held at the “Annex B of Zhangjiakou International Hotel”. All religious groups

were invited and they all turned up in their great numbers to support their colleagues. Everyone present was nicely dressed in elegant and

extravagant clothes, it was magnificent. The program was behind schedule but I would say it was worth the wait. It started off with

Puja(prayer) and Diwali was explained to the understanding of all the guest present, after which the MC’s of the program voiced out the

beginning of the talent show. Students applauded after each performance as they were all breath taking performances which portrayed cultures

of the Nepali and India and also in-depth knowledge of Hindu religion. Latter part of program was the feast which comprised of Intercontinental

and Local cuisines. 

All was done, we were to be awed when we outside to be welcomed by majestic firework display to end it all. It was an event deeply ripe in

culture and diversity.  Diwali in HBNU was a great spectacle. 

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