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Manuella Aduam

Time:2018 02 01 Click:13370

Over here in my school, I have been nicknamed 'the last', its meaning stemming down from how I was the last student to get enrolled right before admissions closed. My name is Manuella Aduam, and I hail from Ghana.

About eight months ago, I was not this happy girl you see today, in fact, I was a direct opposite of my present self. The school system of my country had not worked in my favour, and it is one of the worse things that could happen to any determined student aspiring to become a medical doctor. I passed my high school examinations with very bright and flying colours with grades that every student would die for. But very few seats in the medical schools meant I could only pursue my career as a fee-paying student, and that was too much than my average family could afford.

I was out of options and had no hope of getting into university this very year. I spoke to my trusted friend about this issue and asked if I had looked abroad for affordable medical universities. At first I thought that was very ridiculous and taken the suggestion lightly, but thinking of about taking a hiatus from school for a whole academic year was very frightening and I decided to do some research into medical universities abroad.

I soon came to find out that my friend was right, and that I could very well afford some very good medical schools especially in China. That is how I went through trusted recruitment agencies such as Acasc to make the right choice, and I finally chose Hebei North University.

I just passed my HSK exam and I am almost done with my first year of medical school, physiology is my favourite subject so far. It might be the really good lecturers, or a really good school. I do not know what lies ahead but I can confidently say that things can only get better!

I call this my success story.

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