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How To Study Mbbs In China

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HOW TO STUDY MBBS IN CHINAAttend classes: Missing the classes means missing several important points, experiences and tips that teachers share in their lectures. They are seldom found in any books. Maximum learning is done during the class. This equates to approximately 70% of your study time.
Draw Lesson Plan: Go through the topic beforehand to have a brief understanding. This will help you to pick up what the teacher is mentioning in his lectures easily.
Be keen: You must have a keen interest to go through a medical dictionary whenever you find a new medical terminology.

Do Regular studies: Study regularly 4-6 hours a day even when there are no exams arriving. In this time, you should concentrate in making notes, highlighting important texts in book, creating mnemonics and every other things that can be done to make studying easier for future. You can take a break at regular intervals t but utilize the morning for studies as brain has higher ability to catch things then.
Choose your study time wisely: It’s all about finding the balance in your life and what works for you.
Spend your time on Understanding topics: Understanding makes memory sustainable.
Revise frequently: First time when you read a topic, it may take you an hour. The second reading may take you 45 minutes and you’ll notice that the third reading won’t take you more than half an hour, with repetition it becomes easier.
Make a habit of making notes and charts of important units, standard values and formulas. Highlight key points and use colour so it will be easier to recall.
Utilize the technology: Especially for anatomy, embryology, physiology and pathology, video animations and mnemonics can be of great help.
Besides textbook, studying from reference books helps a lot. Make a habit of comparing things while studying. Example: Differences are easier to remember.

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