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A Forum Held by the Educational Counselor of the Embassy of Pakistan in HBNU

Time:2016 09 26 Click:5116
On June 11th, the Educational Counselor of the Embassy of Pakistan, Mr. Navid Hassan attended a symposium organized by Pakistani students of HBNU at the Shaw Auditorium on the second floor of the school library. The director of the International Education and Exchange Center Mr. Xu Tong presided over the forum.

There were more than 160 Pakistani students in attendance. At the forum, Mr. Navid Hassan spoke to the students about the profound friendship between China and Pakistan and also about the history of the diplomatic relation among the Pakistani students. He urged Pakistani students to abide by Chinese laws and regulations as well as the rules of the school. Mr. Navid Hassan hopes that all students will be able to study hard and have a great time in China. He also encouraged them to study the scientific and cultural knowledge of the future to serve their motherland.

In the future, the school will continue to invite counselors of foreign embassies and create seminars or lectures, designed to allow students to understand the education and culture of different countries. Also to educate the students through an international perspective and literacy, nurturing the whole student body into a competitive atmosphere. Through such officials, there could be a promotion of education among students in HBNU. This will create a popularity of the school among countries around the world.
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