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Visa Application For Pakistan Students

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Studying abroad is quite an exciting and overwhelming prospect, which every student, irrespective of race, nationality, age or culture would like to partake in. Exciting, due to the thought of being away from home and experiencing new and diverse cultures and overwhelming as well because of the idea of being far away from family and friends and fitting into a new society.

More recently Asian countries like China and India have emerged as very popular destinations for students who want to study abroad, due to their excellent teaching facilities and ever improving teaching methods. China to be specific, has been one of the most patronized destination for student mainly because of their affordable fee structure and excellent facilities, hence expats from all over the globe come to china to study. Pakistan, a sister country, which shares its borders with china has a high number of students studying to obtain degrees in china.

Before anyone can move to another country, whatever the reason, one must obtain a permission from that country to be able to move. This permission is in a form of a visa. There are several visa kinds that are issued according to the reason for entry. By regulations, students who wish to study in China must apply for a student visa commonly known as the X Visa and upon being issued that student has permission to enter the country.

To apply for the X Visa, the student must gain admission from a recognized school of choice in the china.  To do that the student must fill out an admission form and then obtain their high school certificate, which includes their results from previously, attended schools. After this is obtained, the student is required to undergo a physical examination in their country and then to fill a medical form accordingly which must be signed by a health professional, these forms can be downloaded on the school’s web page. A scanned copy if the information page of the student passport including all documents properly filled is then emailed to the school’s admission office. An admission fee of 800 RMB and a security fee of 1000RMB are paid in advance. If accepted, processes would take a little over two weeks to be completed, and then the jw202 is secured. The student must pay for the admission letter to be sent via DHL to their country.

After the admission letter has been secured, other documents that would be needed by the Chines embassy in Islamabad (Ramna 4, Diplomatic Enclave, Islamabad) to issue a visa must be obtained.

These include a passport, three passport pictures with white backgrounds, a bank statement from the sponsor, certified birth certificates, and a clearance sheet from the police station in Islamabad.

When everything has been obtained, all the documents aforementioned must be certified and attested to by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Islamabad. This also takes about 2-3 working days.

These attested documents are then taken to the Chinese embassy and then a visa application form is filled. This form can be obtained at the embassy or downloaded on the embassy’s webpage (http://pk.chineseembassy.org/eng/). A visa-processing fee of 60 USD is taken. The processing time required for the visa is 10 working days.

If successful, the visa would be received and then a student can study in china. The admission office upon request can arrange flight arrangement and transportation arrangements.
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