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How To Apply Mbbs In China

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The application and admission into the study of MBBS in China is not as complex as compared to other countries. Chinese medical universities have two intakes per year that is March for Spring Semester and September for Autumn Semester. It is required of students to make sure to meet the application deadline of the universities they wish to apply to.
In this part, the editor would like to address the knowledge in demonstrating frequently asked questions and answers, with conclusion of a thorough procedure.

1.What sort of documents should I prepare if I want to study MBBS in China?
Admission application to study in China does not have to be a difficult task if the correct procedure is followed. The first thing a student should do is make sure all their required documents are on hand and are easily available.
a.The documents needed when applying to a university in China are:
Digital passport sized photo.
b.Passport page with basic information.
c.Completely filled health check up form (foreigner physical examination form).
d.High school certificate and transcript or any secondary schooling equivalent to high school certificate i.e. A level or O level, ACT, SAT or AP test, etc. (the name of the institution must be stated). The lowest academic percentage accepted for applicants is 60%. Applicants must not fail any subject. Applicants with a higher degree should submit both the degree and the transcript.
e.A completely filled application form for the respective institution.
f.Your permanent detailed postal address and phone number (needed for receiving your original jw202 and acceptance letter).

2.What requirement for entry should I meet?
Firstly, you should not be a Chinese citizen, with a clean criminal record, 18-25 years old. Secondly, you should do well in high school graduate mark, as high as As in China. Thirdly, since the classes are taught in English, you are expected to have a excellent English proficiency. Last but not the least, be equipped with good character and willingness to adhere to Chinese government rules and regulations.

3. I didn't take chemistry or physics or biology or mathematics courses in high school, can I apply?
Most universities in China are least likely to give Admission to students without chemistry or physics or biology or mathematics background in high school, fortunately some universities do admit students without backgrounds in this courses.

4. Are holders of O level and A level eligible to apply for this program?
Chinese medical universities accept only A level holders, however Hebei North University does accept O level holders.

5.I will get my High School Final Results in August, but the application deadline is in July, what should I do?
Students whose final results and certificate are not in yet can apply with their current transcript but upon arrival in the university must make their Final Results available to the administrative body of the respective university

6. Do I need to write SATs?
SAT I or II are not one of the major requirements to get admission to study MBBS in China. Your high school results and transcripts are just enough to get you admitted into most medical universities in China.

7. Do I need HSK certificate or take Chinese courses during my study?
Chinese universities run their medical program in English medium thus no need to present HSK certificate, however universities do have Chinese courses along with their MBBS program

8. Is the MBBS program in China recognized?
Medical universities in China have their curriculum for MBBS approved and certified by WHO, UNESCO and other worldwide known organizations in the medical field.

9. Will I be able to participate in medical licensing examination in my country?
Citizens of counties such as Ghana,South Africa,Zambia,Tanzania,Pakistan,India,Bangladesh,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Russia,USA,UK and Ukraine have their Medical and Dental Council approving Chinese medical
Universities which make it possible for students to go back to their home countries and participate in licensing exams to be able to practice medicine.

10. Can I have my internship in my country?
Internships can be done in China in which the universities will arrange for you and will cost you less, however you can also have your internship in your home country.

11. Is there halal food on campus?
China has one of the most diverse cultures when it relates to food. Halal food is available on and off campus with Muslim restaurants wherever you go.
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HOW TO APPLY MBBS IN CHINA12. How much does it cost to fulfill a MBBS program?
Application fees may vary, as application processes differ from one agency to the other, however, to give you a gist through a standard application process. Step by step, we take you through a rational budget of how much you will need to apply for an MBBS program, using an approach of approximation and minimalism.
For starters, you’ll need to pay a sum of about 3000 RMB, an equivalent of 300 dollars or so. That’s the fee that reaches the admission office upon submission of your health evaluation form, application form, scanned bio page of your passport and your transcripts or results. It also covers the deposit or security fee, this amount is returned to the student once the student reports to school and pays tuition fee in full, which is a measure put in place to minimize frauds who secure student visas for other purposes other than schooling. Finally, the applicant will need to pay for postage of all processed documents to be sent back to him or her. This is usually about a 100$. From the above analysis, a grand total of 442$ will be used in application.

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