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HEBEI NORTH UNIVERSITYHebei North University is a university in Zhangjiakou, Hebei, P. R. China. It is located in Zhangjiakou City’s southern economic development zone, where only approximately 3 hours can reach by train from Beijing. This University was an honorable alliance of three original members: Zhangjiakou Medical College (ZJKMC), Zhangjiakou Teacher’s College (ZJKTC) and Zhangjiakou Postsecondary Agronomy School (ZJKAPAS).It is a multi-faculty university with one major offered to International students under the College of International Education. At the same time, in the ranking of the "international ranking of students" released by Shanghai Soft the "top 500", Hebei North University ranks the 64th in the country, which is of the second place in Hebei Province.

Hebei North University triggered its first international students’ program in 2004 when the first wave of international students came to Zhangjiakou to continue their further study. In 2006, HBNU formally began to enroll international students to attend in its everbest MBBS degree study and established international exchange centre in the following year.

Hebei North University has three campuses. They are all equipped with high advanced facilities. The three campuses in total possesses a large amount of books totally as much as 1.42 million books stored in the bibliography. Besides, there is also multimedia class rooms, high equipped laboratories, fully furnished hostels, dining comprising local and western meals and fully equipped sports facilities available in all of the campuses. The school has now opened the new International Students Building facility that comprises of classes, conference halls, and hostels. It is one of the most advanced facilities on the East campus. The university also has two affiliated hospitals with more than 3000 in-patient beds for intensive teaching practices. The university is generally equipped with advanced teaching and research infrastructure.

Hebei North University

The university boasts with a very strong and committed teaching staff. It has over 1300 teaching staff, of which 223 are Professors and 327 are associate professors while involving honorable professors and part time professors at the same time. Among the teaching staff, some of them are award winning professors and lecturers and others have very prominent achievements.

Pathology, pathophysiology, human anatomy, histology and embryology, pharmacology, etiology, crop cultivation and plowing, internal medicine, preventive veterinary, ancient Chinese literature and basic mathematics are key academic areas in the university. Among those, we also offer Master's degrees in pathophysiology, human anatomy, histology and embryology, pharmacology, microbiology, and immunology.

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