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On the 10th of September 2016 the Medical Council of Mauritius sent to the Government Gazette of Mauritius No. 81 the Medical Council Act which is apparently the government notice No. 185 of 2016. The Regulations of the new Medical Council Act were made by the Minister, after consultation with the Medical Council, under sections 2 and 42 of the Medical Council Act to revoke the 2004 Medical Council Act .

The Medical Council on his official site states that its mission statement is to regulate and promote good practice of medicine equivalent to the optimum pinnacle of internationally known caliber and the protection of patients’ interest, medical professional and the public in general. This has also influenced the Medical Council in

listing approved institutions for studying medicine for students desirous of studying outside Mauritius. Hebei North University procured a spot on the list of Chinese Higher Education institution approved by the Medical Council of Mauritius.

The MBBS program of HBNU takes a total of 6 years with a one internship inclusive. Students have the choice to either have this internship in China, Mauritius or a country of their desire. The first year is a foundation course to help students get their grounds and prepare for the medical course ahead. The course is taught in

English medium by well versed and skilled lecturers who make it easier for students to grasp what is taught in class.

HBNU is one of the rapidly rising Higher Institution in China for the studies of MBBS in English medium for most international students in the world. The school is located in the center of Zhangjiakou city. With over 1500 international students from all corners of the world, it is quite glad that, now being able to admit students of

Mauritius to add the variety of international students. A press statement released by the international exchange center is that from the start of September 2016 Mauritian nationals will be able to attain admission to study MBBS at HBNU upon successfully fulfilling all the required mandatory process.

Welcome students from Mauritius, happy to see you join our unique family of brilliant minds who will be shaping the future of medicine.

Hebei North University New Campus

Link: http://www.medicalcouncilmu.org/mic.html
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