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Our School Organizes The Superstar Learning Training Seminar

Time:2018 05 10 Click:4767
In early 2018, our school introduced the “Learning Pass”, a mobile cloud education platform for Superstar. In order to promote the application of our mobile learning terminal in teaching, the teachers have a deep understanding of the online teaching platform and mobile client "Learning Pass" functions and skills. At 3 pm on April 12, the Center for Teacher Education Development and Superstar The company jointly organized the “Introduction and Use of Super Star Learning App Function” training activity in the lecture hall on the second floor of the library. More than 150 people, including leaders of relevant teaching units, chiefs of teaching and research, and key teaching personnel, attended the training. During the training, the regional deputy general manager of Beijing Chaoxing Group, the product director of the Chaoxing Academy, the Superstar Pan-Asian network teaching platform, and the technical consultant of Superstar Smart Classroom Zhang Qiao are explaining and operating demonstrations through the “Superstar Learning App” teaching function, and how to create The curriculum and class, teaching materials upload, teaching interaction, teaching live, assignments, statistics and analysis of academic data were introduced in detail. It demonstrated the rich and varied digital resources of “Learning Pass” and the convenience of operation in teaching. Sex. At the same time, training teachers were also taken as learning objects at the site, and classes were created to lead the interactive classroom experience. The atmosphere of the venue was warm and a good training effect was achieved.

Through training, teachers were able to feel the convenience of using the mobile teaching platform as an aid to teaching using the online teaching platform. This not only allowed the teacher’s teaching to be free from space and time constraints, but also allowed the students to develop individualized learning more freely. The teaching problems such as low classroom rise rate and inactive teacher-student interaction have stimulated the enthusiasm of teachers to use the Internet for teaching.

This training is a special training for information-based teaching in the Center for Teacher Education Development. In the later stage, we will also carry out in-depth information-based teaching according to the needs of teachers. We encourage teachers to use the Internet to teach, innovate teaching models, solve teaching problems, enhance teaching effectiveness, create attractive classrooms, and improve teaching effectiveness.

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