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HBNU Canadian Students Eligible For OSAP Grants And Loans

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Wow finally great news for Canadian international students in Hebei north university(HBNU) and aspiring Canadian citizens willing to school at Hebei north university. The Ontario student assistance program ( OSAP) has approved HBNU thus making Canadian students in HBNU eligible to get grants and loans to successfully complete their education without hitches. Both the Ontario government and federal government provide this money.


One might ask what is OSAP? OSAP stands for Ontario students assistance program which mainly gives grants and loans to help you pay for university or college. Students can get OSAP to attend a public or private post-secondary school located anywhere in the world as long as its approved by OSAP.

The process is less strenuous as it just requires students to fill out the online and paper application form on the OSAP site (https://osap.gov.on.ca) also it is absolutely free, there is no fee charge to apply for OSAP.


Who is eligible?

OSAP is open to Ontario residents who are a:

• Canadian citizen

• permanent resident or

• protected person


When determining if you're eligible, the government considers:

• your status (e.g., married or a dependent student)

• the school you attend/will attend (a school needs to be approved for OSAP)

• program of study

• course load (full or part-time)

• study period

• academic progress

• education expenses

• you and your family’s financial contribution


each students needs to apply each year before an academic year begins. OSAP considers august to July as a full academic year consisting of two terms. How much can a student get? That depends on the education expenses, personal financial situation and course load. The maximum one can receive;

· if single, no dependents: $12,580

· married or common-law or sole- support parent: $19,380


To get to know more about OSAP follow this link https://www.ontario.ca/page/how-get-osap

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