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National Ballet performs in Hebei North University on the theme

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On the evening of June 17th, the National Ballet performed in Hebei North University on the theme "Elegant Art Into Campus". Chinese and foreign artists performed a wonderful ballet repertoire, as teachers and students show the unique charm of ballet, dedicated to a spectacular visual feast.

Before the special performance started, the school party secretary Zhang Li gave a speech on behalf of the school. He expressed a warm welcome to the National Ballet's. He pointed out the popularity of elegant art in the school, which makes the students feel the deep cultural heritage and rich aesthetic connotations, broaden cultural horizons and enhance the realm of life. Meanwhile, it has also spread advanced culture and built a healthy campus culture, to create a good educational environment in an important and effective way. He asked the majority of students involved to carefully watch the show, strive to improve upon training, which will contribute to their talents in achieving a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Deputy Head of the Central Ballet Wang Quanxing expressed his gratitude on behalf of all the cast and crew's and the passion from our school and students. After that, on behalf of the principal leaders of the two sides, there was an exchanged of souvenirs. The show was a success.

The entire show was divided into a total of three parts: the first part, the Central and national Ballet principal actor and teacher, introducing the audience to the history of ballet and the main actors demonstrating the basic movements of ballet to the audience.

The second part, Cao shows the conditions chosen for ballerina summarized as character standard "perfectly straight, light, steady, accurate and beautiful" as an interaction with the audience. The members of the audience that participated in the interactive part also got the chance to learn ballet scene giving the whole audience an atmosphere of happiness.

National Ballet performs in Hebei North University on the theme
The teachers and students highly anticipated the third part - "classic repertoire clip show". It had a fantasy of "Four classical women dancing" in the melodious dance accompanied by soft skirt with the ballet leading the audience into the halls; "Four Men's Dancing" had difficult jumps and a rotary action that made the audience amazed; the "hats dance" had an upbeat music, a dance that was stretch, smooth, delicate and with a great virtuosity, showing patriotism and revolutionary aspirations with a warm applause from the audience. Finally, a century classic, staged the largest worldwide screenings ballet "Swan Lake" sending the whole show to a climax, the dancers slender limbs, wonderful freedom of movement, fully demonstrated the beauty of ballet flowing perfectly and reflecting the aristocratic style, giving it an unlimited pleasure.

"Elegant Art Into Campus " was jointly organized by the Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Finance, and was designed to implement "high culture into the campus to further promote activities to enrich the cultural life of the campus and improve their artistic accomplishments," the State Council's requirements of the CPC Central Committee shows important initiatives. The event began in 2005 extensively across the country and has been widely welcomed by the students in major colleges.

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