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Are there entrance exams for MBBS study in China?

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Becoming a medical doctor comes with a lot of struggles and hard work. In most countries, one is expected to emerge best in academics with distinction before becoming a true candidate eligible for enrollment into the medical school. With a limited number of medical schools, one must survive through a competitive battle in academics to secure a seat in these limited medical schools.

One might ask why do a lot of students travel Abroad, especially to China to offer their dreams course. Foreign students do not only come to China to study due to the low tuition fees but because of certain strict requirements the country demands before being enrolled.

In China, the whole procedure all together is a different thing on its own. For a foreign student to be enrolled to offer MBBS, one must apply directly either through an agent or the school. No entrance exams are required at the first place compared to most medical universities in other countries. The applicant just needs to provide high school graduate certificate or A levels, and other equivalent certificates.

After securing admission into the medical university here in China, most schools usually use the whole first year in teaching Chinese and other related courses. Most school here in school use the Chinese exams called HSK which national exams for foreign students to test their language proficiency in Chinese. Students who fall below the pass mark are being denied the chance to start their major (MBBS). Foreign students who excel in their exams are promoted to the next level and earn the chance to get a scholarship.

In another school, no exams are used to determine one's next step. Once the person is a member and student of the school at the first place, the person can progress successfully to the next level even without taking the HSK exams. In this kind of Universities, the student can choose to write the HSK exams even at the final level. And In case you don’t make the mark, you are being given the chance to rewrite over and over again.

Most universities and colleges in China don’t offer common entrance exams to foreign students.

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