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Germany GStorm Gradient PCR

Time:2014 08 06 Click:6883

Model: No.533102183

Manufacturer: Germany

Germany GStorm Gradient PCR | Hebei North University

Technical indicators

Gradient range: 1 C - 20 C

Sample size: 96 x 0.2 mL / 77 x 0.5 mL reaction tube / 8 x 12 microplate

L / cooling rate: temperature 3 C / sec, cooling 2 C / sec.

Other: Temperature range: 4-99 C

Temperature difference:  0.6 C (20 C - within the range of 72 C)

Module homogeneity (S95): < 0.4 C (20 C - 72 C)

Temperature Accuracy 0.2 C

Number of programs: the instrument can store 100 species can be stored on a personal card about ten

Maximum number of cycles: 99


Thermal cover features a maximum 110 C in situ PCR function

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