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What Is Studying Strategy Of Medical Students

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A medical student’s life is not a playing field for the weak and subtle students. it involves strong work ethic, dedication and self-confidence. These qualities may be enough to excel in other fields, however a medical student requires an extra effort.

the best strategies win wars for empires as implied in Sun Tzu book Art of War, such is studying medicine. Really good strategies by some medical students has aided most to come out with flying colors among their peers they graduated with.

Most students before arrival on campus have no idea on how to strategize their work to gain the outmost from their studies. This article is to aid all students to become well versed in their studies and perform beyond their optimum

Pre- viewing is one of the key strategy over the year’s brilliant students have adopted, but most students go wrong in the way they pre view and leads to poor academic grades. Pre viewing a lesson before going to the lecture hall is mainly by skimming through the man topics of the lecture is supposed to cover. This will make you as a student have a fair idea on what is about to be taught to you.

The next step is lecture hall ethics. As a medical student 70% effort is required of you and 30% from your lecturer. This then requires you to do your best to attain your full 30% from your lecturer. To achieve that you must try your possible best to sit in position within the lecture hall which has minimum distraction and try to use your phone less like checking your email, playing games and interacting on other social media platforms. Being attentive in class is one of the major points to help you achieve the best out of your lectures. Students must also take notes and highlight points they do not understand, which they must ask the lecturer after lectures to clarify.

After lectures it is best not to just go to your hostel to indulge in conversation. According to Cornell University, you forget 47% of a lecture 20 minutes after a class thus the best period to retain something new you've just learnt is to review it right after its been taught (i.e. after 10 -15 minutes). As a Medical Student constant review is necessary and it is said that a medical student should at least read through each lesson a minimum of 4 times and maximum of 6 times.

Application of theoretical lessons in class practically in life will serve as a memory aid in the process of medical studies. Most things one learns as a medical student, needs to be used subjectively in one’s life to aid in remembering what is taught and learnt.

Testing oneself, is another strategy as a student which helped has at most times, is testing your knowledge on what you have studied. This can be done with a group of friends to ask each other questions and correct each other questions.

All the above will definitely bring about your success but I advise students to avoid scheduling marathon study session and cramming for hours a day or two before examinations as that may lead to you not being fully conscious and active to be able to have proper retention of what you have studied on the date of the examination.

Students should be aware of their personal best time of the day to study to their maximum potential. Constant reviewing and deliberate studies will end in your eventful success as a medical student.

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