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Study MBBS in China - Direct MBBS Admission for Indian Students

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MBBS for Indian students
There are a lot of foreign students, especially students from India that study MBBS in China. ACASC has put together top MBBS Universities and colleges that have been approved and recommended by the Medical Council of India (MCI). The relatively cheap fees of the MBBS universities in China is an outstanding opportunity for those MBBS Applicants who are willing to become a physicians and doctors but could not get accepted in the Indian universities or for some reason could not afford the expensive fees that are charged by private colleges that also offer Medicine in Indian. Admissions are open for Healthcare Universities and universities of China .These organizations are approved by prestigious bodies like the World Health Organization and the Healthcare Authorities of Indian. So if you are looking for a University that is approved by the MCI then please visit our website now on www.acasc.cn for more information on the schools.

Everyone is aware of the technology, the research and development that is available here in China and the medical field is no exception. The features, contemporary class rooms, high-tech laboratories and so many others, Chinese universities have everything that an ideal university student requires when he / she wants the best service possible in medical education. Annually thousands of Indian Students go to Chinese medical schools for the Healthcare Education and when they finish their studies majority of them go overseas to get settled. China has become the hub of students wanting to study medicine because of fine standards as well as their affordable tuition and living expense fees. MBBS Charges in China is very affordable and costs of living are very much cost-effective and so people from different parts of world come to study here in China.

Study MBBS in China - Direct MBBS Admission for Indian Students

Comparing studying MBBS in China to Ukraine, the Russian federation or Philippines

1. MBBS in China is no doubt one of the best programs a medical hopeful can go for because of the features and opportunities available in China. When the Russian federation, Ukraine or Malaysia is in comparison, China comes out as the best of the options.

2. Medical Education in China is more secure and safe for women students, as law and order in China is far better than these three nations.
3. Since China is the biggest exporter around the world, the speaking of English has become much more popular in comparison with the Russian federation and Ukraine

4. Cost to train (tuition fee) and residing costs is reduced to almost 45 % in comparison to studying MBBS in Europe, and all the other countries in comparison.

5. Chinese Healthcare Education is well known worldwide where as other three nations has no such major recognition worldwide which makes China the best option.

6. Medical Students from China are more likely to clear MCI examinations in comparison with these three nations.

Benefits of Learning MBBS in China

There are thousands of advantages, which can be obtained from Learning Medicine in China. Below are some reasons why you should opt for China:

· Education in China has become very much advanced in last 20 years

· The Government of China spends large budget for medical research

· Most of the schools have very good ultra modern facilities for easy learning

· Education requirements are straight controlled by government

· China is the most rapid economic system in the world as at now

· More than over 10,000 Indian students go China every year to study

· Most of the teaching in Chinese schools is now in English medium

· Admission procedures are easy and quick

· Fully functional and contemporary classrooms

Admission Process for Indians wanting to study MBBS Course in China
Studying medication in China is very much cost-effective as well as simple as the admission procedure and the fees are very reasonable. ACASC can help Indian students in their application procedures. These are the basic requirements of an Indian student wanting to study medicine in China.

1. Download, fill and submit the application form from our website, or contact our team to assist you.
2. Submit all duplicates of all the required records. Check www.acasc.cn for more information on the requirements for each school.
3. Once admission is obtained from the school, the immigration procedure starts
4. Student would need to visit the Chinese Embassy in Delhi with invitation letter
5. The visa will be given on the basis of the invitation letter from school
6. Some important records to check before seeking visa
7. A Legitimate Passport
8. Completely filled visa application form
9. Two passport sized photographs
10. Copy your admission correspondence / invites letter
11. Medical report showing fitness to travel
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