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Student's Reviews About HBNU

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‘The university is one of the best in China in my view. I choose this university because being medical doctor is has always been my passion, and the university having the most advanced facilities and a good teaching staff were the keys to me being here today. I really want to understand how I can help others that suffer from different conditions and other hereditary disease. Also, having the opportunity to study in one of the most developed country in the world, is like a dream come true.’ J.K Mumangi - Zambia

‘I chose this university because of its academic reputation and environment. My chinese teacher  recommended me to study here because it provides one of the best platform for studies and a conducive environment for a student. My friend's who visited china and those who study in china also told me that its a brilliant idea to study in this university. Moreover what I liked is that people are very kind to foreigners. And the students from this university are brilliant in attitude and education.’ Noor Prashish - Pakistan

‘Initially I choose Hebei North University because it offers an amazing MBBS program in English. I believe Hebei North University has an outstanding reputation in regards to its teaching methods and education.  Thus it is a great podium to guide students to success. I believe that at this university I can pursue my passion and become the Doctor I have always wanted to be, to help all those in need. I feel I can further develop my critical thinking and learning skills, hopefully broaden my knowledge and become a prospective doctor; what better place to do so than Hebei North University.’ Patrick Paul - Tanzania

‘It offers me what I just wanted and the fee is affordable.’ Lakshmair – India

‘Dalian Medical University appears to have one highest level of individual care and support for international students. More over the community of creative thinkers, which will surely take the education out of the box doing some good activities, and the chance of having internships in the fortune number of Chinese hospitals, will be a stepping stone towards my future career after completing my Medicine from a renowned university.’ Harris - USA

‘I chose to study at this university not only because of its academic reputation, but also the affordability for international students and the location as well. The city it is located is one of the most affordable cities in china for foreigners offering a very good space for students to pursue their studies since it is not overcrowded.’ Hassan Bhati – South Africa

‘Hebei North University is a highly ranked university and the program offered is detailed coupled with an excellent research program. These qualities are in keeping with what I am looking for.’ Aisha – Somalia

‘This University has produced quality doctors that are especially international students. The approach to teaching and learning is of the highest level. The University mass intake of international students displays its capacity to accommodate and teach international students, which in turn shows that it is capable of giving high quality tertiary education to its students.’ Jordan – Canada

‘The experiences I’ve had at Wuhan University would help me shape my decision to start my own venture. I want a role that will allow me to put the things I’ve learned into practice and develop my skills even further. I know that this position would be a good fit for me and I’m excited about the possibility of joining the university.’ Umugwaneza Janine -Rwanda

‘I chose Hebei North University as my first choice of study as the reputation is outstanding, my family and friends all mentioned Hebei once I decided studying in china so I looked into it, finding nothing but positive comments and reviews from other students I find this university to be an ideal match for me, especially since the highly competitive standard is exactly what I have been looking for.’ David – U.K

‘Hebei North University is a well reputed university with quality mentors and innovative research development. I believe I can learn a lot in terms of experience and knowledge in the medical profession from the teachers and students of Hebei North University. The school is also known for having a beautiful campus for which I admire the atmosphere. The city the school is located in is also an affordable city that you don’t need to spend much.’ Farhan - Nepal

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