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Institute of Mental Health

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The university was licensed to set up the Institute of Mental Health in May 2005. The institute has identified two main research directions. One is the TCM theory and clinical research of mild mental diseases that can be managed by outpatient treatment, the other one is the establishment of the college students’ psychological crisis early warning and intervention mechanism, and the studies of normalized research theory, organization structure, and work mode.
In the studies of scientific research, we have a research being under way and two subjects to be applied for. Now the main work includes:
The theory and clinical research of mental diseases and mental health problems;
The census of college students' mental health status;
The rule of college students' psychological crisis and early warning research;
The research of organization structure and work mode of college students' psychological crisis early warning and intervention mechanism.
There are 8 people working at the research facility, this includes 3 associate professors, 5 lecturers; 5 masters of medicine and 1 master of psychology. The head of the institute having a serious and responsible attitude in teaching won the title of outstanding teacher & one of my favorite teachers eight times. The group of college students’ psychological crisis early warning and intervention mechanism established the psychological consulting organization in our school many years ago, serving for students. The group of TCM theory and clinical research of mild mental diseases that can be outpatient treatment has worked in the psychiatric clinical treatment for many years, having rich experience in combining traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment. Institute staff gets together because of the love for students and the attention to the problems of mental health. They work seriously and responsibly, have a rigorous attitude in doing research and all of them have rich experience in scientific research work.
Institute of Pharmacology has a large personnel. The research content mainly involves Neuropharmacology, Behavioural Pharmacology, Clinical Pharmacology, Chinese Tradition Medicine and so on. At the same time, through the comprehensive study of various areas, we research new drugs of neurodegenerative diseases and metabolic diseases which are a common problem to the aging society and cause serious damage to people’s health in our country. We strengthen the research and development of modern Chinese medicine, especially looking for a research direction of effective prevention and treatment to Alzheimer’s disease. The institute for research on learning and memory method has reached the leading domestic level.

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