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Medical Courses at Hebei North University

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Hebei North University strives to inspire and motivate students to do well in a serene environment. The medical course offered at Hebei North University is a six-year course. The initial years are spent educating students on basic medical knowledge. During this period students are taught fundamental subjects like systemic and regional anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, pathology etc. Students are given optimal exposure in the classroom and gain further understanding in many of our well-equipped facilities. The learning experience is enriched as students are educated on dissections, how to measure blood pressure and view tissue on a microscopic scale. The latter part of the course focuses on clinical subjects and International students are welcome to complete their clinical year in their home country. During the clinical year students are required to put their medical knowledge to practice. They will be situated in medical institutes and gain further education on clinical subjects like surgery, family medicine etc. The medical syllabus is frequently streamlined to ensure students aren't disadvantaged in any way.
Study medicine in Hebei North University
The atmosphere in the classroom is commendatory and welcoming as lecturers ensure that students receive individual attention and play a supportive role in the learning process. The World Health Organization (WHO) as well as many medical associations accredits the university globally eg: Pakistan medical and dental council (PMDC), Saudi Commission for Health Specialties (SCHS) etc.
Hebei North University is home to one of the best medical courses as we offer quality education and intend to provide a refined learning experience.
Medical courses at Hebei North University

Mbbs Course Duration – China

The MBBS course runs for a duration of 5 to 6 years with one year being a compulsory intership year for international students whether in China or a recognised hospital in ones home country.

Cost of studying MBBS in China

China stands tall in being one of the most widely known country for internation students , not only does it offer world class education , its also very suitable for the pocket. The fees vary with different universities but  good estimate to work with is 50 000 RMB per a year.

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