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MCI Approved Medical Colleges in China

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The Medical Council of India, MCI has set a range of universities in china that students should choose from, as far as MBBS is concerned, if they wish to obtain licenses in India after graduation. These schools include:

Peking Union Medical College
Peking University
Capital Beijing University
Academy of Military Medical Sciences Faculty of Medicine
Renmin University of China
School of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Capital Medical University, Beijing.
Tsinghua University
Beijing Medical College
Beijing School of Medicine
University of Chinese Academy of Sciences
Beijing College of Acupuncture and Orthopaedics
Beijing Second Medical College
China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences
Beijing University of Chinese Medicine
Tianjin University
Tianjin Normal University
Tianjin University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Clinical Medical College of Tianjin Medical University
Tianjin Medical College
Nankai University
Chengde Medical University
Clinical College of Hebei Medical University
Hebei University of Chinese Medicine
Xingtai Medical College
Cangzhou Medical College
Shijiazhuang Medical College
Shijiazhuang People’s Medical College
Hebei North University Faculty of Medicine
Hebei University of Engineering School of Medicine
Yanshan University
Hebei University of Science & Technology
Chengde Nursing Vocational College
Shanxi Medical University, Taiyuan
Shanxi University
Changzhi Medical College
Shanxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jinci College of Shanxi Medical University
Shanxi Pharmaceutical College
Inner Mongolia Medical University
Inner Mongolia University for the Nationalities
Wulanchabu Medical College
Liaoning University
Liaoning normal University
Jinzhou Medical College
Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Shenyang Pharmaceutical University
Shenyang Normal University
Shenyang Medical College
Zhongshang College of Dalian Medical University
Jianzhou Medical University
Xingling College of Liaoning University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Lioning Medical Vocational College
North Eastern University
Bohai University
Anshan Normal University
Tieling Health College
Changchun University of Chinese Medicine
Jilin Medical College
Jilin Medical University
Changchun Medical College
Beihua University Faculty of Medicine
Yanbian University
Baicheng Medical Science Junior College
Heilongjian University of Chinese Medicine
Heilongjian University
Mudanjiang Medical University
Jiamusi University
Qiqihar Medical University
Shanghai Institute of Health Sciences
Shanghai University
Shanghai Normal University
Donghua University
Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Shanghai Jiao tong University School of Medicine, Shanghai.
Tongji University School of Medicine, Shanghai.
Jiangnan University
Xuzhou Normal University
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine
China Pharmaceutical University
Nanjing University of Chinese Medicine, Hanlin College.
Kangda College of Nanjing Medical University
Zhenjiang University
Zhenjiang Chinese Medical University
Zhenjiang Normal University
Jiangsu University School of Medicine
Wenzhou University
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
Hangzhou Medical College
Zhejiang University School of Medicine, Hangzhou.
Zhejiang Pharmaceutical College
Hangzhou School of Medicine, Hangzhou Normal Univesity
Zhejiang Chinese Medical University, Hangzhou Province
Bengbu Medical College
Wannan Medical College
Anhui University of Chinese Medicine
Anhui College of Chinese Traditional Medicine
Anhui University
Anhui Normal University
Anhui Medical College
Anhui University of Science and Technology College of Medicine
Anqing Medical College
Fujian University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Xiamen Medical College
Huaqiao University
Quanzhou Medical College
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
South Jiangxi Medical College
Medical College of Nanchang University
Nanchang University
Jinggangshan University
Gannan Medical University
Jiangxi Medical College
Jiangxi Traditional Chinese Medicine Junior College
Jiujiang University
Jiangxi College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Weifang Medical University
Taishan Medical University
Binzhou Medical University
Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jining Medical University
Shandong Wanjie Medical College
Shandong Medical College
Heze Medical College
Shandong University
Shandong Normal University
Shandong College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Henan University of TCM
Henan University
Luoyang School of Medicine
Medical College of Henan University of Science and Technology
Xinxiang Medical University
Sanquan College of Xinxiang Medical University
Luohe Medical College
Nanyang Medical College
Shangqiu Medical College
Huanghe Science and Technology College
Henan Medical College
Hubei University of Chinese Medicine
Jianghan University School of Medicine
Hubei University of Medicine
Hubei Polytechnic University School of Medicine
Hubei University of Science and Technology Faculty of Medicine
Three Gorges University
Wuhan University School of Medicine, Wuan.
Central China Normal University
Institute of Medicine and Nursing, Hubei University of Medicine.
Hubei College of Chinese Medicine
Hunan Traditional Chinese Medical College
Changsha Medical University
Shaoyang Medical College
Hunan Medical University
Central South University
University of South China
Hunan Normal University College of Medicine
Xiangtan University
Yiyang Medical College
Zhongshan (sunyat-sen) University
South China Agricultural University
Guangzhou University
Guangdong Medical College
Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine
Guangdong Provincial Cardiovascular Institute
Guangdong Pharmaceutical University
Zhaoqing Medical College
Jinan University School of Medicine
South China Normal University
Guangxi University
Youjiang Medical University for Nationalities
Guangxi University of Chinese Medicine
Guilin Medical University
Guangxi Traditional Chinese Medical University
Guangxi Medical College
Hainan Medical University
Hainan University
Chongqing University
Southwest University
Chongqing Medical and Pharmaceutical College
Luzhou Medical College
Chengdu University of TCM
Chengdu Medical College
Chengdu Institute of Physical Education
Sichuan Medical University
China West Normal University
Sichuan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Guiyang Medical University
Guizhou Medical University
Zunyi Medical University
Zunyi Medical Science and Technology College
Guiyang College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities
Zunyi Medical and Pharmaceutical College
Guizhou University
Bijie Medical College
Yunnan Normal University
Yunnan University
Dali University
Chuxiong Medical College
Yunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Haiyuan Institute of Kunming Medical University
Baoshan College of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Tibetan Traditional Medical College
Shaanxi University of Chinese Medicine
Xi’an Medical University
Fourth Military Medical University
Changan University
Northwest University
Xian Jiaotong University College of Medicine, Xi’an.
Xi’an Medical College
Pingliang Medical College
Gansu University of Chinese Medicine
Lanzhou University
Xinjiang Medical University, Urumqi.
Xinjiang Uighur Medical Training College
Shenzhen University

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