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Chinese Music Association Philharmonic Male Voice Choir Enters Hebei North College

Time:2018 05 13 Click:5502
On the evening of April 17th, “High Art Entering the Campus” Chinese Philharmonic Male Music Chorus of the Chinese Musicians Association “Chinese and Foreign Song Treasure Concert” was held in the Boya Hall of our school. More than 1,200 teachers and students from our school watched the performance.

Accompanied by the familiar melody, a heated song rang through the auditorium.

The wonderful performance of the choir was well received by the audience. Whenever a song is over, there will be applause from the audience. This performance enabled our teachers and students to appreciate the pure chorus art and bring the North Campus students extraordinary artistic experience.

The China Music Association Philharmonic Boys' Choir was founded in 1993 by Xu Xiyi, the famous composer and conductor of China and the chairman of the Chinese Music Association Chorus Alliance. It was reorganized in August 2015 and is a famous professional choral organization in China. The choir performed nearly a hundred concerts in domestic cities and countries such as the United States, Australia, and Singapore, as well as Hong Kong and Taiwan, and was widely praised by the audience and praised by the media.

“High-Quality Art into Campus Activities” is jointly organized by the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Culture, and the Ministry of Finance to implement the requirements of “promoting the promotion of elegant culture into campus activities, enriching campus cultural life, and improving students’ artistic accomplishment” proposed by the CPC Central Committee and State Council. The important move. Today's performance in our school is the first performance by the Chinese Musicians Association Philharmonic Male Chorus "Elegant Art in Campus" in 2018.

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