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Extra CO2 Extraction Device

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Extra CO2 Extraction Device

Main technical parameters:
1. The maximum operating temperature: 240°C;
2. Three-zone control and display;
3. The maximum operating pressure: 10,000 psi (680 BAR);
4. The maximum flow rate: CO2 maximum flow rate of 50L/min;
5. Four-channel, simultaneous parallel processing of four samples;
6. Users can configure the extraction vessel needs to be flexible depending on the experiment;
7. All three collection methods: direct collection of pure extracts, or absorbed into the solvent in the solid-phase extraction column extraction (SPE)

Second, the main features:
1. Simple operation
2. Automatic control
3. The temperature / pressure real-time display
4. The temperature / pressure indicators outstanding
5. Four-channel parallel extraction
6. The safety design

Supercritical CO2 extraction device rules

Preparatory work:
1. To determine whether there is electrical power, whether the water circulating water bath is at working level, CO2 cylinders have enough gas, air compressor pipes are connected. After opening the system circulating water bath, let cool down to 2-5 degrees.
2. Weigh the amount of sample (not to exceed reactor 2/3).
3. Turn on the power SFE-2, and the switch is in a closed state confirming heating; open CO2 supply pump, a pressure is displayed as 0Bar, the position of the pointer table 0Bar.
4. To determine the CO2 pump pressure knob in a relaxed position, open the compressor output, pressure is allowed to work in 8Bar.
5. The samples are placed in the reactor; the reactor must be kept clean and in particular, cannot have any sample residues. Check the O-ring if there is a crack, dirt, etc., covers pot cover. The transfer switch system INLET tight in the closed position, installed in the reactor furnace and connected.

Experimental procedure:
1. Set the oven temperature. Through the left and right arrows to select the temperature of the thermostat table: "bit" up and down arrows increase or decrease in temperature; empathy set the output value of the valve. Generally about 80°C.
2. The switch opens the heating. Wait until the temperature of the extraction vessel is stable to the experimental conditions, the pressure regulator. With all the pressure and temperature after arrival, record extraction time.
3. After the extraction time is reached, adjust the pressure on the rotary pneumatic pump knob counterclockwise to the most relaxed position. Close the flow valve and open the OUTLET valve, slowly open the flow valve and collect. Different collection methods may be needed.
4. After the collection is completed, you can stop the output of the furnace and heating valves, let it cool. When the pressure drops to the cylinder pressure, continuous 5-10min. Close CO2 cylinders, until the pressure dropped to 0Bar, close pipeline valves. After the furnace temperature to room temperature, the reaction vessel can be removed.

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