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Hamza Tanveer

Time:2018 01 22 Click:13200
Mbbs In China For Pakistani Students
Hamza Tanveer is my name. I’m a Pakistani student, studying MBBS in China at Hebei North University.

Coming from a large family of six children, my dream of studying abroad almost seemed not probable as my dad worked for a local company and my mom was a housewife whose job was to keep the home and to raise the kids.

Money to fund my dream of being a medical doctor from my parents was not going to be possible. Fortunately for me, my dad had saved up some money so it was that money that paid for my first year’s tuition fee. Also, I was told there are scholarships schemes that rewarded hard work, for which about a quarter qualifies for.

When I came, I started working hard from day one, so when the school’s scholarship list came at the beginning of the academic year I was glad my name was in. The school authorities took my bank account details which they paid the money into it directly, and which went a long way to help me pay my second year’s tuition fee, thereby lessening the burden on my parents.

Another great news we heard was that we could apply for the provincial government’s scholarship, which supports brilliant by needy students. And covers more than half of the tuition fee, which is more rewarding than the school’s scheme. With this scheme, I applied through the school to the provincial government

Also, the Pakistani government has a scholarship secretariat scheme that helps brilliant but needy Pakistani nationals. About four Pakistanis here in my school are on that scholarship scheme, which covers all expenses except upkeep.

With all these scholarship opportunities for all levels of advanced study available, I have the hope of completing medical school here at Hebei North University.

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