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Graduation Ceremony Held For 2013 Graduates Of Masters Degree

Time:2016 09 12 Click:5945
Graduation Ceremony Held For 2013 Graduates Of Masters Degree
As a motivational tool for students to work hard and strive forward in their academic efforts, the graduation ceremony was in praise of the outstanding representatives “the 2013 graduates”. Three of these graduates were bestowed honours of “Outstanding Graduating Students” and twelve other graduate students were honoured “Best Graduation Thesis”. “Outstanding Master’s Tutor of Hebei North University” title was awarded to 30 tutors. An outstanding graduate Zhang Ying, gave the graduation speech on behalf of the graduates expressing her love and gratitude to all teachers and students; Professor Zhang Zihua from the first affiliated hospital gave a speech on behalf of the tutors of the master’s program, praising the graduate student’s learning spirit and study ability, he also insisted on lifelong learning after they enter the society of today to achieve success.

After the graduation ceremony, the Department of Performance and Arts and the International Education and Exchange Center organized a show as a form of entertainment to the audience. The atmosphere was warm and colourful. The performance was presented to the audience as a match of Chinese and Western entertainment. It was a perfect blend with a refreshing feeling. The graduates, in their graduation gown, were given their master’s degree and a remarkable farewell with singing, cheering and applause as they sail towards a more brilliant future!

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