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HITACHI F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrometer

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HITACHI F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrometer

The device features:

Has high sensitivity, high scan speed, and a horizontal slit unique optical grating for high sensitivity.

Fluorescence trace analysis, materials used in the routine analysis in the field, pharmaceutical, and life sciences and high-tech fields such as quality control, and teaching. SNR 250:1 (PP), 800:1 (RMS), is conducive to the measurement of trace samples can be measured as low as 1 x 10-12mol / L fluorescein; machines carved concave diffraction grating for the F-2.2 series; scanning speed of 60,000 nm / min, to be completed within 1sec of the entire wavelength range of measurement; concentration range measurement is six orders of magnitude; phosphorescence lifetime can be carried out at room temperature for about 1ms analysis; automatic pre-scan function, optimization of the unknown sample measurement conditions; a proportion of energy monitoring to ensure the stability of photometric light measurement; horizontal slits designed to improve measurement sensitivity, reduce the amount of sample; slit high-resolution multi-level spectral resolution of 1nm; can automatically measure 96 sample wells on the microtiter plate; autosampler can be used, wavelength scanning can be performed, and three-dimensional scanning time spectroscopy; polarization can be used in combination with attachments to achieve fluorescence polarization and fluorescence polarization analysis.

The basic operating procedures

1. Start, preheat 15min.

2. Double-click the desktop icon corresponding open interface.

3. Data Processing Window Options content, including a total of three:

HITACHI F-7000 Fluorescence SpectrometerHITACHI F-7000 Fluorescence SpectrometerHITACHI F-7000 Fluorescence Spectrometer

4. Close the lamps, then close the monitor windows.

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