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Nikon 90-I Scientific Research Level Microscope

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Nikon 90-I Scientific Research Level Microscope

This device features and technical parameters:

1. Light source: 12V 100W halogen bulb; built-NCB11, ND8, ND32 filters.

2. CFI60 infinity optical system.

3. Total magnification 10  ~ 1500

4. With the controller, the main power supply can be converted, control the strength of the light, the electric field diaphragm conversion control, an aperture diaphragm, the filter block is converted, the platform moves, the focus, the converter operation.

5. With a CCD image acquisition and analysis, and computer processing systems.


1. Turn the power switch of microscopes, computers and programs on.

2. Adjust brightness adjustment button on the left side of the fuselage proper brightness will be observed sample is placed on the stage, choosing the right objective observation samples.

3. According to "L" button on the controller, the computer chooses the right vision to take pictures.

4. The operation ends, adjust brightness adjustment dial to a minimum, turn off the transmission illumination switch, then turn off the power switch microscope.

5. Turn off the computer and monitor.

6. In the inverted fluorescence microscope, using a recording of the recording process on the use of information and the use of personnel and other instruments without exception.

7. Cleaning test rig, microscopes and other equipment to cool before cover.

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