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Training Workshops On Non-Invasive Medicine

Time:2016 11 04 Click:6110
Training workshops have always been an intriguing aspect of learning, whether general or closed, and medically oriented ones are no exception. The volume of knowledge and experience that participants walk away with at the end of these programs speak for itself.

Non-invasive medicine, a broad and complex topic, embodies subsets of non-invasive procedures and non-invasive diseases. Non-invasive procedures or tools refer to medical treatments that don't go beyond the skin barrier or inside of the body physically, for example, an x-ray whereas non-invasive diseases do not further spread to other tissues or organs away from their primary site.

It might seem like a movie, although true, about my own experience of a time I took a trip to Singapore with three other classmates to take part in a training workshop for medical students from all over the globe. Like any other excited tourists, we decided to go to the beach on our day off to take a dive. Our fun was cut short as one of my friends was almost carried away by the current of the waves and had subsequently been saved by us, who had learned just the previous Tuesday to this, pushed against her distended abdomen to aspire water that had gone into her system and made her unconscious. Looking back at this situation, which required pure knowledge of non-invasive medical procedure to save the life of my friend that we had learned at a training workshop, shows how valuable it is for human life.

Additionally, training workshops in this help not only to give medical students who attend an upper arm over their peers, however, insignificant it may be but also helps to improvise in times of hardship and unfavorable conditions. These well-constructed programs also help in practicing use of non-invasive equipment.

In my first year in medical school, I was taught that any form of a cut on the body is a form of trauma, and most often penetrating the skin means cutting through or pricking, which causes pain and further complications amongst other problems. If doctors harbored enough knowledge about non-invasive procedures, we could save patients from unnecessary pain and suffering.

Conclusively, as a medical student, I would suggest that these training workshops should be made compulsory to equip us students with enough knowledge to further increase the comfort of patients.

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