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The School Commemorates The "Memorial Organ Donors" Memorial

Time:2018 04 25 Click:5004
In order to express lofty respect to the donors (organs), medical college students deeply feel the selfless dedication of the donors and pass on the positive energy of society. On the morning of March 31st, they were sponsored by the Red Cross Society of Zhangjiakou City and Hebei North University. The commemorative event of "Remembering Donor Organ Donors" sponsored by the Medical College was held in Zhangjiakou Memorial Park, where organs were donated at Xishan Cemetery in Zhangjiakou City. A total of more than 50 people attended the event, including leaders of basic medical schools, representatives of teachers and students, representatives of family members of donor organs, and people from all walks of life.

Lastly, Vice President Zhang Hui spoke. He expressed thanks to the donors and their families and sent a message to the medical students that they should “do the courage to climb the academic peaks, be committed to compassionate, kind and honest young people.” The sacred mission entrusted by doctors in this profession must establish a correct worldview, outlook on life and values, improve their own quality, and enhance their sense of social responsibility in order to pay tribute to 'silent teachers' and to better reward society.

After the commemorative event, donors who had died in the venue were given a minute of silence, and they presented flowers in front of the memorial to the organ donors to send their griefs.

The "Memorial Organ Donors" Memorial

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