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The First Clinical Medical College Conducts Volunteer Activities

Time:2018 05 28 Click:5222
On the morning of April 15, Fan Yuhong, secretary of the Youth League Committee of the First Clinical Medical College, led a student clinic team to the “Jiecheng Nursing Home” to carry out volunteer activities.

During the activity, the student volunteer team members measured blood pressure and blood glucose for the elderly, patiently explained to the elderly the knowledge about high blood sugar and hypertension and issued publicity coloring pages. Nursing staff of nursing homes also actively cooperated to assist volunteers to carry out activities. The development of this event was well received by the old people and staff of nursing homes.

The college carries out activities of volunteer clinics to provide students with opportunities for practical exercise, and also enhances the medical students' awareness of serving the society and contributing to society.

Through this way of making students attend to the health services in public hospitals make them get more knowledge and practice their ability to treat and attend the sick patience, also they build their confidence at a maximum feet fit practice.

At the end of their graduation career to the major they will be regarded as the proper medical doctors of the society after all the training. The students also have feelings to share about the first clinical medical volunteering activities, as they are happy to volunteer and do the medical procedures.

It keeps them in focus and through practical is where more knowledge can be gained and that all students are hopping to do better in the career, also in the daily theory part of the medical career.

Some comments came from the patients in the hospital who where attended by the volunteers, the students in the college of clinical Medicine are doing an excellent job to us, they are able to offer good services and I thank the whole committee of the First Clinical Medicine for coming at Jiechang Nursing Home to help us and treat us well.

As the best China medical college, Hebei North University devoted itself to more and more medical volunteer activities. Welcome to join us!

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