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The Delegation from Namibia Visited Hebei North University

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On October 21st morning, President of Namibia College of agriculture and forestry, Dr. T. Njunge Joseph, assistant principal Dr. Kamwi Cousins and professor of crop science Dr. Kenneth visited the school. Our vice principal Niu Chunyu, Dean Kong Xianghao and professor of agriculture and forestry science of Technology Institute, Professor Kong Xianghao, vice president Gong Xuechen, Professor Liu Yinghui from Basic Medical Sciences, deputy director of the International Education Exchange Center Professor Yang Wei and director of Zhangjiakou

Academy of Agricultural Sciences Institute of Millet Zhao Zhihai took part in the discussion.
At the forum, Vice Principal Niu Chunyu expressed a warm welcome to the delegation from Namibia. Subsequently, Vice Principal Niu Chunyu introduced the situation of Hebei North University to the guests and hoped that the two sides can establish extensive and deep cooperation in related areas. Mr. Kenneth Kamwi, the assistant principal of Namibia University expressed a certain similarity in the professional setting of the two universities. He hoped the two sides could maintain close contact and carry out cooperation in education and academic exchanges, so that more teachers and students from both sides can benefit. Zhao Zhihai introduced the development process and broad prospects for the development of project cooperation with Namibia University and the promotion of hybrid millet in Namibia and other African countries. After the meeting, Niu Chunyu accompanied the delegation of Namibia University to visit the university's life sciences research center and library.

The Republic of Namibia is located in the southwestern part of Africa, a part of South Africa before its establishment. In 1991 under the efforts of the United Nations, it became an independent state from South Africa. Namibia university is a comprehensive Commonwealth University which uses English as their official Language. it has a total of 8 colleges, offering 64 undergraduate majors and 20 postgraduate majors. It has about 17,000 students, more than one thousand two hundred full-time teachers, with more than one-third of teachers have a doctorate degree.

The Delegation from Namibia Visited Hebei North University

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