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The Best Countries to Study Medicine

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The Best Countries to Study Medicine
What makes a country the best place to study medicine? With lots of medical universities around the world it is quite confusing for prospective medical students to make a decision on which country has the best medical education system.


Recent studies show it is quite simple to make that decision, one has to decide to consider the following questions?

1. Duration of study

2. Cost of tuition and living expenses

3. Language medium of studies

4. Safety within the country

5. Opportunities available aside medicine while studying in that specific country


It is erroneous when most people say studying in China because it is compulsory to study medicine in English language and also Chinese medical universities do not offer MBBS program, only TCM (traditional Chinese medicine ). Chinese medical universities in the year 1981 started the implementation of the modern medical system within their curriculum and in the year 2002 opened gateways for international students to study medicine in English medium, this was announced by the Chinese Ministry of Education.


China has the shortest duration for medical studies (i.e. 6years) compared to widely known first world countries with lengthy study period of either 8 or 10 years for undergraduate course.


The average cost of studies in China is 70% lesser than the United States of America or United Kingdom. Which makes china one of the best countries to study medicine since it gives equal opportunities for middle class families to also have their kids in medical schools and in the future help in raising the standard of their families high.


China has most of its city quite safe compared to USA or UK which has daily gang fights on their streets and loss of life on the rampant surge. This creates uncertainty for most students because being at the right place at the wrong time may end up with a person in the coffin.


TCM are also added to the specialties of Chinese medical universities which makes graduates also eligible to practice acupuncture and cupping on patients for proper healing, like the cupping Michael Phelps had during the 2016 summer Olympics in Rio and aided him to set world record of attaining the most gold medals in Olympic history by a man


Even though first world countries like USA, UK, Australia, Germany and Canada have top notch universities, China is also now included into the best countries to study medicine for a brighter future.

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