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Teachers And Students Of Basic Medical School Participate In Tree Planting Event In Zhangjiakou

Time:2018 05 11 Click:5177
In order to further promote the creation of a nationwide civilized city and guide the citizens to practice the concept of green development, teachers and students of the Basic Medical College actively participate in the public welfare tree planting event in Zhangjiakou with the theme of “Welcoming Winter Olympics and Creating a Civilized City”. On the morning of April 21st, under the leadership of Tian Xingdong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the Basic Medical College, more than 50 university student volunteers went to the Xiwangshan City Park to participate in the tree-planting activities.

There are three contents in this event. First, volunteers will distribute clothes and hats for the citizens who come to participate in public welfare planting. Second, the director of the Zhangjiakou City Forestry Bureau presides over the opening ceremony of the 1,000 people public tree-planting event in Zhangjiakou. Third, volunteers receive tools. Divide into groups and plant trees up the mountain. Our university student volunteers have united and cooperated and successfully completed the tree planting task.

The activity was based on planting trees and afforestation to allow teachers and students to establish a green development concept in the process of participating in tree planting and contributed to the creation of a civilized city in Zhangjiakou.

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