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The 11th Chinese Language Skills of Foreign Students

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The 11th Chinese Language Skills of Foreign Students
From May 19 to May 21, the 11th International Skills for Chinese Students and Chinese Talent Competition of Hebei Province hosted by Hebei Provincial Department of Education and organized by Hebei Normal University was held at Hebei Normal University. A delegation consisting of 25 teachers and students from Hebei North University International Education College went to the stone to participate in the competition.

In this contest, 255 foreign players (including Chinese majors and non-Chinese majors) from 18 institutions and 53 countries in the province participated in the competition. The competition is divided into two parts: the Chinese Knowledge Competition and the Chinese Talent Show. The Chinese talent shows part of the show requires the content or form of the program to contain elements of Chinese culture and conduct a comprehensive survey of the contestants' Chinese skills and performance. After fierce competition, our school won the fifth place in the group with excellent results. Among them, Othman, a 2012 student from the United States, demonstrated a solid foundation of Chinese language and ability to adapt calmly in both the proposition speech and the impromptu speech of the speech contest. Among the 30 players, he won fifth place and third class. The good grades of the awards and the talent show "Ink Danqing" selected by our school won the fourth and third prizes in 28 talent shows. After the competition, the organizing committee of the contest organized the excellent talents of Chinese talent and organized a wonderful report performance. The talent shows selected by the school, “Ink Danqing” and “Chinese Kung Fu”, participated in the report performance. The International Education Institute Lu Ai-ai The teacher (Linda) received the title of excellent instructor.

"Zhen Zhiguang" contest has become a brand project of Hebei Education International Exchange. So far it has successfully held 10 events. The competition aims to promote the excellent cultural traditions of the Chinese nation, increase the interest of foreign students in Hebei Province for Chinese culture, enhance the enthusiasm for learning Chinese, and show the customs of Hebei. In recent years, our students have demonstrated high quality and comprehensive ability in various events in the province and various cultural exchange activities in our city, which has greatly improved our school’s reputation and reputation in overseas education in the province. The degree has deepened the understanding and love of Chinese students for Chinese culture. I believe that our students will show their strength and level in the future competition.

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