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Student'S First Coming To HBNU

Time:2018 03 29 Click:5825
I as a student first came to HBNU in 2015, I still remember it was winter more precisely it was September as far as I remember. It was snowing here and the first time me along with my other 12 friends from my country witnessed this much of cold. The very first thing we did as we landed in china was trying to con tact with our family and let them know about our safe arrival. The time we left airport we were hungry and we had to make a stop at a restaurant somewhere between Zhangjiakou and Beijing. We sat, drank hot water and relaxed a bit while the person who came to pick us from our university helped us to order our lunch as it was all in Chinese and we couldn’t understand a single word at that time. After a while the waitress brought food to our table, we never knew that how good dumplings tasted until that day, when we tried them for the first time.

We ate hand pulled noodles which is considered as the specialty of that restaurant. After a while we continued our journey back to HBNU, mostly all of us slept in the car waiting for the travel to come to an end. It was a 3 hours road trip from Beijing to Zhangjiakou. 

We arrived about 4 in the evening to the office of ACASC, where the people working over there helped us to file our documents, after submitting our academic fee we headed towards our university. It was same as we saw in the pictures on HBNU’s website. The beautiful lightning that was coloring even the snow on the road was eye catching. Later that day we were handed over our hostels room key, we moved to our rooms, rested for a while and had a sound sleep. 

Next morning we woke up early and realized that there is a huge super market just beside the main gate of our university, it had almost everything that we might need in our stay of 5 years. The next thing me and my friend did was opening a new bank account and submitting the cash we brought with us. Here I would like  to add that for the new arrivals it is important to have a translating app that may help in the beginning to communicate with the locals. After a day or two we bought our new sim cards and started our daily routine, we met the teachers in the class rooms, everything seemed just as we imagined, everything was up to mark. Now I’m in 3rd year of my study in HBNU and I have never felt less than home while staying over here.  

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