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Social Life in Zhangjiakou and Hebei North University

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The University of Hubei North University is found in the northern part of China and is one among the popular universities in the area. In the city of Zhangjiakou, it is the only university responsible for providing the major course of medicine for all and any interested student in any country or nation.
The life in Zhangjiakou city, however, is very awesome and amazing for both the students and the natives of the city. It is very welcoming for the first year students as they can have an easy access to the routes around different places, example heading out for food in amazing restaurants, or going out for games refreshments and things of the sort.
The social life is hard in the beginning because of language barrier, but gets easier as soon as you adopt, on among the best help the university has offered to its students is to teach them the major Chinese language so as not face difficulties during conversation with the Chinese, who are very friendly welcoming and willing to give assistance to any international student or visitor in the city.
There are a lot of youth getting together both the Chinese and international students for meals or business connections or language matters (the Chinese teach foreigners their language and the foreigners teach the Chinese English language), henceforth they both have a good time.
One among the important thing is the place for leaving whereby as soon as a student is admitted in the university, he or she has to get a place to stay immediately which is seen through by either the school or external help. The university provide hostels for students, and therefore during the process, all student in the hostel get to socialize and work together or form a friendship, and for students leaving outside the hostel (in apartments) they get to connect with their neighbors and leave peacefully in the community.

social life in zhangjiakou and hebei north university

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