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See Through ECFMG with HBNU (MBBS in China) --- Mohamed Iqbal Peer

Time:2018 04 14 Click:6857
My name is Mohamed Iqbal Peer from South Africa I graduated from Hebei North Medical University in 2017. I have applied to ECFMG, which stands for Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates, through the help of my university. During this process, Hebei North has been extremely helpful with the preparation of the documents and the standard ECFMG process which is: To begin the process you need to register an EPIC account at http://www.ecfmgepic.org/. Recent communication from EPIC is that if you request to create an account after 10th January 2018 the cost of creating an account will be $125 and this will now cover the cost of identity verification. After you have registered on the website EPIC will send you an email with a username and password which you can use to access your account. You will need to upload a copy of your passport and ID to complete the registration. This process can take up to 10 days.

See Through ECFMG with HBNU (MBBS in China) --- Mohamed Iqbal Peer

Once the account is created you need to complete the identity verification by using Notary Cam. The cost of this has already been covered in your EPIC account registration cost. A Notary Cam agent will contact you via video call in order to do the verification. This process is simple and can be completed in 5 minutes.

Now that your account is set up and your identity verification is complete you can upload your credentials for verification.

I suggest uploading the English versions of the credentials as obtained from the university as this avoids complications with the translation.

Log on to EPIC, navigate to the "my credentials" tab, click on "upload credentials" click on the drop-down list.

Here you will have a choice of various documents which you can upload. You need to upload the "final medical school diploma" and the "final medical school transcript"

I strongly suggest choosing the courier option even though it costs more ($80+$30 couriers per document). This way you are able to track your documents and know where they are in the process at all times.

EPIC will take up to 10 days to send out the documents and it will take up to another 10 days to reach the university.

Once the university has received the documents, arrange with them to send the verified documents back to EPIC via courier so that you are once again able to track the documents. You will have to pay for this courier.

If at any time you are having any difficulties with the process, call EPIC rather than email as they take 3 business days to reply to emails but answer the phone immediately. Now that my documents have been processed, and it was authentically ECFMG approved, I am waiting to write my board exam which should be done this year, 2018. I hope this article has been of good help to my fellow colleagues who are preparing for studying MBBS in China for this process.

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