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Principal Zhang Li Led the Delegation to Visit Adelaide University

Time:2016 12 27 Click:5707
The principal, John Taplin, invited principal Zhang Li from Hebei North University to visit Adelaide University in Australia. Adelaide University is located in the city of Adderley De, South Australia. It was founded in 1874. It is one of Australia's oldest and most prestigious university. It is one of the top four universities after a comprehensive evaluation by Australian government. It is also ranked among the best universities in the world. There have been many Professors with Nobel prizes from the universities. Adelaide University has 6 colleges, consisting of 10 departments, covering medicine, agriculture, engineering, business, economy, law and other disciplines, offering undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

During the visit, the delegation visited the Adelaide University School of medicine, finance and finance, Asia Research Center, language training center and other important departments. The two sides had a deep conversation on the development of world higher education institutions, international cooperation and exchanges of teachers and students, language training. Professor Zhang Li and Professor John Taplin signed "Chinese Hebei North University and Australia Adelaide University Cooperation Treaties" respectively. This visit had created a new milestone for Hebei North University to cooperate with foreign universities. It has laid a good foundation for improving the level of teaching and scientific research and broadening the teaching methods.

Principal Zhang Li Led the Delegation to Visit Adelaide University
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