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Pan Ya Network Teaching Platform + Learning Mobile Teaching

Time:2018 06 04 Click:5515
In order to further promote school teaching reform, make full use of modern educational technology, and improve teachers' teaching methods and students' learning methods, the Teacher Development Center held “Pan Ya Network Teaching Platform + Learning through Mobile Teaching” on each campus on May 15-18. In the training class, there were 13 classes in a row. A total of 678 teachers from the school attended the training.

The training lecturers Zheng Xu and Gao Yunfei of Beijing Chaoxing Erya Education Technology Co., Ltd. carried out detailed operation demonstrations on the relevant modules of the mobile phone and the computer, including curriculum creation, class joining, course chapter setting and content editing, data sharing, question bank import, Job arrangement and test paper preparation. The on-site training teachers conducted simultaneous operations and on-site trials and communicated with the trainers on the existing questions. The atmosphere was very lively and the training effect was good.

Taking advantage of the opportunity of mobile teaching platform training, the Teacher Development Center has simultaneously completed the “Northern Hebei Teacher Training Demand” questionnaire. The participating teachers actively cooperated and responded enthusiastically to the questionnaires, which provided a basis for our school to carry out targeted teacher training. . Everyone said that this training has benefited a lot. Through training, it is possible to use the online teaching platform in course teaching, master new mobile teaching skills, and enhance the interaction between teachers and students. According to the student's real-time learning situation, adjust the classroom teaching at any time, making the entire teaching process truly "targeted", thereby enhancing the teaching effectiveness and teaching quality. The active introduction of the mobile network teaching platform in curriculum teaching is another important attempt to promote the reform of teaching methods. It is bound to stimulate students’ enthusiasm to actively participate in the teaching of courses and further improve the quality of classroom teaching and the quality of personnel training to play an active role. enhancement.

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