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Our Students Participated In The Stay Moving China---Kyushu

Time:2014 08 05 Click:5852
Our Students Participated In The Stay Moving China---Kyushu
On May 18th to 20th, students from Pakistan, Ghana, Nepal and other countries participated in a tournament organized by the Ministry of Education, Collegiate Athletic Association and the CCTV sports channel China.  The competition was held in Tianjin Polytechnic University with 15 teams in total. Foreign students from universities in Shandong, Hebei, Tianjin participated in three major games including a talent show.

During the race, even though our students are medical students and a few freshmen, they were still strong and tenacious. This competition not only strengthened the communications between Shandong University, Nankai University, Hebei University, other universities and our school, it also broaden their horizons, while enhancing participating students to further understand the profound Chinese culture and Chinese cultural interest.

The tournament ended successfully on May 20th at noon. Our participation in this competition shows how healthy, confident, optimistic and united our students are.

"Stay moving China'', which was the theme of the tournament was initiated by the Ministry of Education China, University Sports Association and the CCTV sports channel. The entire activity form the beginning to the finals aims to set up the stage for sporting, cultural singing, a full display students in China and their positive image, healthy and youthful style, allowing them to fully perceive the charm of Chinese culture and feel the beauty of China's development process. Through teamwork, communication and integration of foreign students leads to deep mutual understanding, and enhanced mutual friendship.

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