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International Students Meeting at HBNU

Time:2018 06 01 Click:4962
International Students Meeting at HBNU
The Hebei North University of medicine is one of the best Medical University in the carrier, it has made so many independent doctors, who were able to continue in masters and Ph.D. after completing the bachelor degree in the university. They graduate with the total discipline to the society and all is because of the professional and experienced lecturers and members of staff who train the students.

The university has several ways of maintaining their student`s behavior and maintaining their performance and attendance in class. The members of stuff always have meetings with the students and talk about disciplinary acts, sometimes even the police and government are involved, by giving out special concerts and lectures to the students on how to drive safely on the road and be careful with the street signs.

The last meeting that happened at Hebei North University conference hall involved a lot of members from the government, such as the city council and the traffic as well as the police who are concerned with road safety who met all the international students of Hebei North University and each one of them was presented with a chance of talking to the students concerning their own issue.

Later they were joined by the migration officers who warned the students of all behaviors that could lead any student to be taken back to their country. Some of the behaviors stated by the immigration officers include robbery, being found with drug possession or usage of drugs and many more.

The students received positively all the information offered by the Chinese leaders in each and every sector, most of all the students were praised so far for their good behaviors in the campus and out of campus (in China at large). The meeting was later closed by the university coordinators and all the students were allowed to continue with their daily activities in the university.

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