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International Student in Hebei North University

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China is one of the largest countries in the world with a lot of population among its famous cities, at the same time the population is not only for the natives but also foreign or international students, businessmen and women or tourists from different nations all over the world.
There are various universities in different cities with all different majors or sometimes more than one course, example the Hebei North university with only one major which is Medicine. The university is found in the City of Zhangjiakou in the northern part of China. It has recruited a lot of international students over the years from many countries and they have all been getting the best education and the graduates have been viewed to have a lot of success after the completion of their course.
International students in Zhangjiakou come from countries like Somalia, Tanzania, Pakistani, India, Zambia, Congo, South Africa, Russia, Indonesia, Zimbabwe and many more countries. Henceforth they associate themselves with so many social activities in the city with the natives. One among the latest program is the volunteer program whereby both Chinese and foreigners associate together to learn English and Chinese, this is to prepare for the coming winter Olympic games which are to be conducted in the country.
Also, the international students have a lot of programs which are organized by the students themselves such as electing leaders among themselves who can make a good link between the school board and students. Also, there is a sports program in the done in a different kind of season (the spring games) whereby the international students come together and make different tournaments against one another all in the aim of socialization and building stronger friendship, also the games have rewards and trophies for the best players and the best team.

international student in hebei north university

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