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HSK Examination Successfully Held In HBNU

Time:2014 08 05 Click:6000
On 14th June, our school successfully conducted a new HSK examination. One hundred and ninety three foreign students from different countries including Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Ghana, Mauritius, Sudan, Congo, Kenya, Tanzania and others sat for level 3 and 4 of the exams respectively. This has been the highest number of candidates recorded since the time the school first organized the HSK examination.

The International Exchange Center and the University's Library staff being the organizers, attached great importance to the

exam, earnestly implementing the examination rules, organizing registration and system debugging of the test. The International Exchange Center also arranged experienced teachers to coach candidates for the exam. The examination center was in order that day and the concerned leaders were present in the examination room.

The HSK exam is an international standardization test of Chinese language proficiency launched by the office of Chinese Language Council in November, 2009. It emphasises on testing the communicative ability of the Chinese proficiency of non-native speakers in life, study and work.

The success of HSK examination held in our school is widely welcomed by foreign students, and this signifies that the school has reached a new level in the teaching of Chinese Courses.

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