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How Long Does It Take To Get Medical Degree In China

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China with its 40,000 years of History has undergone a medical education reform within 3 distinct periods of its development in recent history, before, during and after the Culture Revolution (1966-1976). In the year 1981 the modern medical degree system came into effect.


Medical degree system in China is organized around a 3-level degree system awarding bachelor, master and doctorate degree. Medical degrees in China can also be awarded to students in other fields of specialization such as Social Biomedical Engineering and Social Medicine, Health Management and History of Science and Technology which is different compared to medical degree system in UK.


Medical universities provide a 6 year undergraduate medical curriculum for students who have completed high school leading to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery which has one year’s internship program inclusive

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Upon completion of the undergraduate program to earn a Bachelor degree students can further their education to study for master’s degree program (professional degree or research degree) for 3-4 years of full time. This level of education is mostly subsidized and tuition is paid fully by the government


Graduates the pursue their studies to become Doctors of Clinical Medicine(DCM) (i.e. doctorate degree) conferred upon graduation. It is a 3years further study, 6-month curriculum study and 2.5 years’ medical research. the DCM program is roughly equal to the Doctor of Medicine in the USA or fellowship in a specialist college in the UK or Australia


The Ministry of Education of China has authorized the top 12 leading medical schools in China to develop a dedicated 8-year program leading directly to a Doctor of Medicine Degree


In conclusion study period between high school and obtaining DCM (Doctor of Clinical Medicine) varies from 8 to 15 years in China.

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