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Hot Questions About MBBS In China: Entrance Into A Medical University In China To Study MBBS Is One

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HOT QUESTIONS ABOUT MBBS IN CHINA: Entrance into a medical university in China to study MBBS is one of the best things to happen to successful applicants’ life
Entrance into a medical university in China to study MBBS is one of the best things to happen to successful applicants’ life. However most applicants and their guardians have lots of questions they tend to ask me as a consultant whenever we get in touch. Today am taking the opportunity to pen all the most relevant questions down and give clear answers to them, thus to help future applicants.

1. What is MBBS?

Surprisingly most students know they will like to be offered a place in a university to study medicine but have know clear meaning of the exact name of the course at Higher Educational Institutions. MBBS stands for Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery and is also the degree conferred on successful students who are able to graduate at the end of the course.

2. What is the duration of the MBBS program?

The MBBS program has a total duration of 6 years including internship for most Chinese universities. However Central South University has a total duration of 5 years.

3.The average cost of tuition?

Studies MBBS in China is one of the cheapest and most lucrative package any future or present medical student can student. It has an average cost of 28,000RMB for international students (i.e. 4,130USD).

4. I didn't take chemistry or physics or biology or mathematics courses in high school, can I apply?

Most universities in China are least likely to give Admission to students without chemistry or physics or biology or mathematics background in high school, fortunately some universities do admit students without backgrounds in this courses.

5. Are holders of O level and A level eligible to apply for this program?

Chinese medical universities accept only A level holders, however Hebei North University does accept O level holders.

6.I will get my High School Final Results in August, but the application deadline is in July, what should I do?

Students whose final results and certificate are not in yet can apply with their current transcript but upon arrival in the university must make their Final Results available to the administrative body of the respective university

7. Do I need to write SAT’s?

SAT I or II are not one of the major requirements to get admission to study MBBS inChina. Your high school results and transcripts are just enough to get you admitted into most medical universities inChina.

8. Do I need HSK certificate or take Chinese courses during my study?

Chinese universities run their medical program in English medium thus no need to present HSK certificate, however universities do have Chinese courses along with their MBBS program

9. Is the MBBS program in China recognized?

Medical universities in China have their curriculum for MBBS approved and certified by WHO, UNESCO and other worldwide known organizations in the medical field.

10. Will I be able to participate in medical licensing examination in my country?

Citizens of counties such as Ghana,South Africa,Zambia,Tanzania,Pakistan,India,Bangladesh,Nepal,Sri Lanka,Russia,USA,UK and Ukraine have their Medical and Dental Council approving Chinese medical

Universities which make it possible for students to go back to their home countries and participate in licensing exams to be able to practice medicine.

11. Can I have my internship in my country?

Internships can be done in China in which the universities will arrange for you and will cost you less, however you can also have your internship in your home country.

12. Is there halal food on campus?

China has one of the most diverse cultures when it relates to food. Halal food is available on and off campus with Muslim restaurants wherever you go.

I hope I have been thorough with the various questions and if students still have further questions make sure to get in touch with me.

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Application fees may vary, as application processes differ from one agency to the other, however, to give you a gist through a standard application process. Step by step, we take you through a rational budget of how much you will need to apply for an MBBS program, using an approach of approximation and minimalism.

For starters, you’ll need to pay a sum of 2,300 RMB, an equivalent of 342 in dollars. That’s the fee that reaches the admission office upon submission of your health evaluation form, application form, scanned bio page of your passport and your transcripts or results. It also covers the deposit or security fee, this amount is returned to the student once the student reports to school and pays tuition fee in full, which is a measure put in place to minimize frauds who secure student visas for other purposes other than schooling. Finally, the applicant will need to pay for postage of all processed documents to be sent back to him or her. This is usually about a 100$. From the above analysis, a grand total of 442$ will be used in application.


Of course! You can, as long as it is done at WHO-recognized hospitals under the supervision of qualified medical professionals. When you take a look at the fee structure below, you realize that the fee structure of the final year, which is the year students are supposed to be on internship, is greatly subsidized from 16,000RMB to just 4,300RMB, an equivalent of 639$. This fee does not actually go into tuition but rather into medical insurance, graduation and residence permit, all of which the student would need once he or she returns from internship.


In terms of academics, the pressure is the same as you would experience at any other medical school elsewhere in the world, even maybe a little as learning overseas would require another level of responsibility, maturity and time management. There is also a healthy competition among students to push them to bring out the best of their abilities. Students also achieve a higher level of socialization and cultural exposure as they interact with classmates of different nationalities and backgrounds, and fun equally balances with academics, to give students a balanced mentality. A few problems may arise from geographical changes especially for students from tropical parts of the world such as Africa who might find certain seasons a little bit harsh to them, and even find it hard to go outdoors during those times. Such problems are not even long-term ones, as students learn to eventually adapt to these situations and further convert them to one of their individual strengths.


Universities in India require a common entrance test to be passed before enrollment into medical schools. However, this not the case with China-based universities, which require a result of your High School Exam certificate or its equivalent in qualifications. There is no instance of having to write or pass a common entrance test.


With its reputation as one of the top ten universities out a lot of other good ones, here we have the fee structure of China Medical College, also known as China Medical University.


35,000 RMB/YEAR


800 RMB


611 RMB


800 RMB


600 RMB


6,000 RMB/YEAR


3,000 RMB-1ST YEAR

18. How long does it take to get medical degree in China?

Study medicine in China, there are 3-level degree system awarding bachelor, master and doctorate degree. Medical universities in China provide a 6 year undergraduate medical curriculum for students who have completed high school leading to Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery which has one year’s internship program inclusive; for master’s degree program, 3-4 years of full time; for Doctors of Clinical Medicine (DCM) degree, 3 years further study, including 6-month curriculum study and 2.5 years’ medical research.

19.How to study MBBS?

Attend classes; make Lesson Plan; Be keen; Regular studies; Choose your study time wisely; Revise frequently; Utilize the technology; MBBS Study plan according to the subject... Check more info of how to study mbbs.

20. MBBS entrance exams in china

Tertiary institutes have specific requirements an applicant must meet before admission is made. In many cases an entrance exam needs to be completed. The MBBS entrance exam is a standardise test that evaluates a student’s mental ability based on different aspects. More

21. How to apply mbbs in china 2017

Please visit mbbs in china 2017 application procedure.
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