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Hebei Upcoming Spring Games

Time:2018 05 03 Click:5551
The Hebei North University found at Zhangjiakou or as how some call it the school of medicine has a lot of international student, from different countries in the word. This is due to how they have succeeded branching the school with study abroad programs that have introduced the universities to many countries in the world.

It has also been a success for students in the campus to join together have unity and be a one whole team, the students oftenly learn from one another through group discussions and have several entertainments together through sports. In this way culture is being transferred and broad casted through the university.

In the end of this month there will be an upcoming event of sports through the whole week where by there will be brakes of classes for a while, in a period of one week. The spring games normally are done each year during spring seasons. Basically they involve students participation in different kind of games and are normally under the university organization and strict attendance is checked.

The reason beyond student`s participation in the games is socialization and to increase competition not only in classes but also in social affairs. They normally take place in the university`s playing ground which is found in East campus, since the university has more than one campus. The competition has made awards such as medals and cups for the winners and the best teams in both football, basketball, running competition, tug of war and many more. Also the administration of social affairs is planning on building a new playing ground where all the sports activities will be taking place, and it will be done in a period of six month time.

Hebei Upcoming Spring Games

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