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Hebei North University's Teachers Scored in The First Young Teacher Teaching Skills Competition

Time:2018 05 26 Click:5050
From May 11th to the 12th, the First Young Teachers' Teaching Skill Contest of the National Agricultural College Collaborative Development Alliance (North China Region) was held at the Tianjin Agricultural College jointly organized by the China Crop Culture Association's Education and Education Committee and the National Agricultural College Cooperative Development Alliance. , 19 young teachers from 10 colleges and universities in 5 provinces and cities across the National Agricultural College Cooperative Development Alliance (North China Region) participated in the competition.

The teaching skills competition was organized by the National Agricultural College Collaborative Alliance for Development (North China) to form a jury group. Professor Ma Yongying, a national teaching teacher, served as the chair of the jury. The members were composed of senior teachers recommended by 10 colleges and universities. The content of the competition is divided into two parts: teaching design and classroom teaching. The weights of the two are 20% and 80% respectively. According to the final results, there is a first prize for the teaching comprehensive award, two for the second prize, three for the third prize, and an outstanding prize. And individual awards and other awards. The two young teachers selected by our school demonstrated a solid foundation in teaching skills and good professionalism in the skills competition. In the end, two teachers, Wu Weigang and Ren Xibo, of the College of Agriculture and Forestry Science and Technology won the third prize for comprehensive teaching with 92.3 and 92.0 respectively.

The competition has enabled young teachers in our school to exchange ideas with universities such as China Agricultural University, Shanxi Agricultural University, Beijing Agricultural College, and Tianjin Agricultural College in terms of teaching concepts and teaching methods. It is the teaching ability to participate young teachers. A comprehensive display and review of the level is also an important way to improve young teachers' teaching ability, level and quality of teaching. It is also a series of reforms in which our school attaches great importance to the renewal of the teaching philosophy of young teachers, strengthens the teaching of basic skills, and upgrades professional qualities. The results of the measures are reflected.

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