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Hebei North University Intake

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Hebei north university is specifically a university of medicine at Northern China in a city called Zhangjiakou. The university has been popular for its best education provision and services to students of all races and all levels, the intake originated since 2009 until the 2017 and all have been the foreign students from different countries in the world. At this time the administration of Hebei North University is planning on not taking any more admission at the University of foreign students, and the reasons are not yet to be revealed as to why the admission of foreign students has stopped.

Some students in the university have given out their reasons, suggestions or thoughts to the matter, saying it is because for the past years there has been an exceeding amount of foreigners who want to join for the education at the university, due to the best performance and high grade of the university, it, therefore, might be a reason to reduce or control the amount of students in the university for better teaching and service provisions. However, this is not a permanent issue it is more of a temporally matter and admission will be back to normal after all the necessary development is done.

The university has, however, two main campus which is the East and West campus, and the latest project of the university is building up university playing ground and a stadium for the spring games and Olympic games, which will both be run in the city. The university playing ground is assumed to completed in a six months time, before being used by the students of the university at Hebei North University.

The students in the university are very happy and excited to have a new place for exercising and fitness throughout the time of study. The place is expected to have a lot of competitions and games that will be done every year to promote socialization and competent among the student.

Hebei North University Intake

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