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Hebei North University Held a Praise Meeting for Foreign Students

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Hebei north university held a prasie meeting for the kind behaviors of the foreign students from Pakistan in the multi-media hall at 4:30 pm, 27th March. University leaders Zhang Li, Lu Jie, Zhang Jinshun, Yan Cunfu, and the victim Li Chunlin and family. More than 100 foreign students attended this meeting.

At the meeting, Pakstani students HAFIZAMANULLAH, KHURRAMSHAHZAD and victim Ms. Li Chunlin gave speeches respectively. Vice President, Zhang Jinshun read the desicion of school to complement the two students. The Dean, Zhang Jinshun, on behalf of the school, awarded the two Pakstani students KHURRAMSHAHZAD, HAFIZAMANULLAH with honorary certificates and prizes. Ms. Lee and her family expressed gratitude to the school. Ms. Lee gave KHURRAMSHAHZAD and HAFIZAMANULLAH souvenirs to express gratitude. The meeting was carried out in a warm and touching atmosphere.

At 9pm on February 12th, Ms. Lee who lives in Bridge West Park Road, walked from the north direction to the east direction. Ms. Li Chunlin was knocked down by a taxi on the middle of the road. she was bleeding. KHURRAMSHAHZAD, HAFIZAMANULLAH were on their way to school when they saw Ms. Lee badly injured, they took her to the hospital by taxi. Due to their timely assistance, Ms. Lee received timely rescue her out of danger to save her life. When the victim's family rushed to the hospital, the students had quietly left.
For KHURRAMSHAHZAD, HAFIZAMANULLAH enthusiastic rescue behavior, they won the honor for our school. The school decided to award them "excellent foreign students" honorary title.

The university leader Zhang Li made an important speech at the meeting. He said," first I represent the school to honor the outstanding Pakstani students KHURRAMSHAHZAD and HAFIZAMANULLAH and to express warm appreciation and at the same time, he said:" i am very proud of my school and its excellent students.”

Finally, Zhang stressed that the teachers and students should carry out good moral character in their work, study and life. starting from now, from the trivial in life, we need to enhance awareness, increase our abilities, improve ourselves. We should be practitioners of good moral, and create good social atmosphere.

At the end of the meeting, university leaders, foreign students and Ms.Lee took pictures together.

Hebei North University Held a Praise Meeting for Foreign Students

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